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I do not follow back okay please do not ask this it's awkward i will check out your blog though. Harry styles 365 is a "challenge" i'm doing where I post 365 things about him. I love all of you and please do stop to say hi!".
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this is one of the sweetest gestures i’ve ever seen. i mean, most of the models would’ve just walked away and leave that poor girl there, on the ground.

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introducing: tumblr users being smooth as fuck

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A beautiful gesture from Lebanon - names of Palestinians killed by Israel in the last two weeks were hung on huge banners in Raouché, Beirut during a demonstration against the latest Zionist assault on Gaza, July 22, 2014. Protesters also threw flowers into the sea. Over 600 people have been killed (as of the morning of July 23, 2014), at least 25% of whom were children.

(Photos: Jamal Saidi / Reuters)

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Sometimes it seems like it happened to someone else. Like maybe it was a story I heard. The hardest part is not knowing if any of them made it. But if I knew for sure I was the only one left, it would be worse. At least now I can make up lives for them, like maybe Jondy’s a fashion photographer or an architect. The truth is, they’d be just like me, living on the run, always looking over my shoulder. Hope is for losers. It’s a con job people trip behind till they finally get a grip on the cold, hard truth. Still, I hope that they’re out there somewhere, and that they’re okay.

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DAN: When you do interviews, you’re faced with the choice to either be the most boring person on earth or just get ridiculous things written about you from time to time
JOSH HOROWITZ: Sometimes it might be good to be boring
DAN: It might be but I just get bored of myself

                                [Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (23 July 1989)]

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no but are you a directioner or a directionator that is the question isn’t it

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    if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands
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