i love you 

I do not follow back okay please do not ask this it's awkward i will check out your blog though. Harry styles 365 is a "challenge" i'm doing where I post 365 things about him. I love all of you and please do stop to say hi!".
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Here is this week’s follow friday! These are the blogs I have raped the living shit out of and that I more than adore. These people make my time on tumblr so enjoyable, as well as make my dash so beautiful. All that you do is beautiful and I am really happy that I decided to follow you, thank you all so much :)

these are in no particular order.

lovingharrystyles | queenliam | maistyles | 69withstyles | fixmydirection | theirishboy | 1dxratedjoshdevinesfuckyeahzarry | smileeniall | narrylicious | hazomoniallslaughtomlegendson | onedirection-slo | onedirectionwhore | harryuslut sweetlullabys smileymxd queenlouisperfectlikestyles | dailyhoran | heyhoran |

Again, thank you to all of you flawless people that have amazingly beautiful blogs! I bow to you

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