i love you 

I do not follow back okay please do not ask this it's awkward i will check out your blog though. Harry styles 365 is a "challenge" i'm doing where I post 365 things about him. I love all of you and please do stop to say hi!".
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I didn’t do this last week so here we go! The blogs that make my heart explode and people that I love rather dearly. These are the blogs that I would never in my life unfollow and that make my dashboard more bearable and beautiful. And a special shout out to Manca who reached her 40k followers! congrats! You deserve it!

hazibo | guydirectioners  | ledalliance  | fixmydirection | -harrystyles  | 69withstyles | harryssupras  | tomlegendson | cheekyniam | hale-benson | smileeniall | d1rection | fiveerections | theirishboy | heyhoran  | queenlouis | dailyhoran | 5wonders | liam—payne  | ifuckedstyles | lelilo | maistyles | hazomo | fallingwithstyles | smileymxd | onedirectionrunmyvagina | wmyb | -somerhalder | glorifyhoran | tomlinsarse | the1dblog | boobears-butt | fallenforpayne | malikqueen | laffingwithliam | weheartpayne | lostincheshire | yeahziam |

aaand that was for this weeks blogs of the week! I love you all 

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